Your privacy is our utmost responsibilty and we make sure that only you have the access to date or only you control who has access to

Posted: 26 September 2020

Effective: 1 October 2020
Thank you for using HugeTb! This is a description of how HugeTb handles your personal data and what it collects when you use our web or app interface (read as Services). For any queries, please connect at
You can see the previous Privacy Policy What do we collect and Why it makes more sense to us We collect and use the following information to provide, improve user experience, protect user data and promote our Services.

Account information:

We store, and associate with your account, the information you provide to us when you do use our services to sign up an account, upgrade to a paid plan or use a discount coupon. The information can be your name, email address, phone number, payment info and physical address.

Your Data:

We try to give a personalised user experience when you store your files - documents, photos, text, messages and so on ("Your Data"), share with others, and work across multiple devices that are suitable for our services. To make that possible, we collect, process and transmit Your Data as well as information related to it but do not reuse it for any other purposes. This related information includes information under app, web interface profile and usage activity.


You can choose to share your contacts to make it easy for you to share and collaborate Your Data, send notifications/messages and also, to invite your acquaintances to use our Services. If you do, we'll store those contacts on our servers for you to use.

Usage information:

We collect information on actions you take in your account (such as creating files and folders, editing, viewing, deleting and moving files or folders). We use this information to improve and promote our Services.

Device information:

We may collect information on from where and how the services are being used, the devices that connect to access the Services. This may include IP addresses, the type of browser (for web interface) and device (Mobile, Tablet etc.) you use, the web page journey, and anything that may help us in identifying your devices. Location information to the Services may also be used to detect abuse and identify any suspicious activity.

Marketing and advertising:

Some of our Services are free of charge. These free Services are made possible as we have other paid users who help us keep these services free. These free services can be dropped anytime with prior information in case you wish to opt out of it or want to upgrade to a more reliable and guaranteed data protection usage plan. Once you have registered for our Services, we will, from time to time, send you information about upgrades when permissible. Users who receive these marketing materials can opt out at any time. If you don't want to receive a particular type of marketing material from us, click the 'unsubscribe' link in the corresponding emails.

Your data belongs to you - Control and Manage on your own

You have complete control over your data and our services you use. You can:
  • Create files folders and shape your data the way you like
  • Delete Your Data from your HugeTb account anytime
  • Modify personal data. You can manage your account and the content contained in it, as well as edit some of your personal data, through the profile page
  • Access and take your data elsewhere. You can access your personal data from anywhere using a HugeTb account. Feel free to download a copy of Your Data in your local storage and upload on demand.

You can also ask for your personal data to be deleted by emailing us at

This may incur processing charges, as applicable.