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Why there is no plan for buying storage in TB as name sounds (HugeTB)

We indeed provide storage in TBs (hence, the name HugeTB) but do not want users to spend money until their storage limit is exhausted. This way, users learn to make the best use of space with little or no subscription fee. When required, you need to upgrade your subscription for space in TBs by just one click of a button.

How can I upgrade my plan from Free to Paid subscription?

You will see your current subscription on dashboard, click on upgrade, select a plan and make payment

What happens if I fail to pay for subscription charges?

If your account is overdue, you can still login and view documents, however, you will not be able to upload or download documents

When is my new subscription gets renewed?

Subscription is renewed automatically on completion of billing cycle, usually end of every month from the start date

Do you keep my data when I have opted out from the services? Are there any charges

If you cancel your subscription, you will still get 15 days time to renew it again, after that all data is deleted

Where do I check details on my subscription and plan?

It is shown on dashboard

Can we recover deleted files?

Yes, for next 3 days from the deletion date, after that data is permanently removed

How can I check the storage usage?

Dashboard show usages details of storage, account wise as well as user wise

How many folders can we create to keep our data structured as per our choice?

There is no limit as such, you can create as many folders as you wish

How to create new team members under my account?

You can create new account by clicking on users menu -> new user

Where are my files get stored when I download them?

They are downloaded to your device from which you download them, it wll prompt for location to save within your computer/device

Can I view files without downloading them?

No, as of now you can not view files without downloading

Why do I see message "You have exhausted number of users limit" when I try to add users?

That means you have already created allowed number of users as per your subscription, you can upgrade to next plan to get more users

What is the unit of Bandwidth in Dashboard?

That show how much data in GBs you have downloaded

Why does my status show inactive in Dashboard?

It means that either you have not used your account for a long time and your subscription has expired or you have a renewal pending. This just needs renewing your subscription and you are all set to use HugeTB services

Can I keep my account dormant for sometime without paying charges?

Yes, for 15 days, if you activate subscription fee will be charged from the day it was due, if you do not activate within 15 days then all the data will be deleted

How do I contact in case I have billing concerns?

You can write to